• Smoked turkey anyone?It's been a long year and a half, but we're excited to announce that smoked turkey is back on the menu! That means some crowd favorites are returning as well …
    Flying PigA premium Pitmaster's Pick combo loaded smoked turkey, chicken, pulled pork, and a St. Louis rib
    Three's CompanyAnother Pitmaster's Pick with plenty of smoked turkey, chicken, and sausage.
    Turkey Club SpudA giant spud packed with turkey, pulled pork, bacon bits, butter, sour cream, cheese, and BBQ ranch.
  • Is turkey really available at RibCrib?It sure is! Load up on your favorite big bird in combos, caters, baked potato bars, or even by-the-pound (makes great sandwiches all week long).
    What makes your turkey so good?We start from scratch. Our crew seasons the turkey breast right before we smoke it low with green hickory 'til it's tender. We rest it until you order it and then we slice it. Tender. Lean. Addictive.
    Will you run out? You were out for a long time!We've secured plenty of turkey breast for our smokers, so don't be shy. We'll keep smoking 'til you're satisfied ;).

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